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DAVICDigital Audio Video Council (Switzerland)
DAVICDigital Audio Visual Interactive Council (multinational company consortium)
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Two organizations that have published standards for LMDS systems are DAVIC and ETSI.
Among the 222 DAVIC members from 25 countries were manufacturers, service operators as well as a number of government agencies and research organizations.
A DAVIC (DSM-CC) server will be enhanced to support also the protocol stacks for multimedia over IP (RTP, RTSP, etc.
An application will be developed which demonstrates the benefit of having DAVIC and IP technology available at the same time in one application.
The European Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) group, which has finalized a terrestrial, satellite and cable system, is meeting in Europe with the cable digital committee DAVIC to discuss unifying their systems.
DAVIC (Digital Audio Visual Council), which sets multimedia standards for international broadcasting - DVB ( Digital Video Broadcasting), a Swiss-based industry organization representing one standard for digital TV, which has been adopted extensively in Europe - DTG (Digital TV Group), which coordinates standards for Digital TV broadcasting in the United Kingdom - MHP (Multimedia Home Platform), which many European set-top box and digital TV manufacturers are using as their standard development platform - ISO/IEC 16500-6:1999 International Organization for Standardization / International Electrotechnical Commission), which together form the specialized system for worldwide standardization.
1 -- Dolby Digital SPDIF RCA Output and SPDIF Optical Output -- USB Host Support -- High-speed DAVIC cable modem -- Macrovision 7.
WIMUS solutions will consist of very compact base stations distributing bi-directional waveforms supporting images and Internet access within a 2- or 3-km radius, in compliance with the DAVIC standard.
Back then, the DAVIC A0 Utopia interface appeared to be emerging as the means for attaching network interface modules, but now PCI is more widely used, so there will be a PCI option on the Rev 6.
Based on the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) ES 200-800 and DAVIC specifications, the Philips Semiconductors' TDA10030 STB transceiver provides the hardware and software for interactive TV solutions.
At the same time, Microtune's RF technology supports worldwide TV standards, including ATSC, DVB-T and DAVIC, while maintaining compatibility with legacy analog systems (NTSC, multi-standard PAL, PAL/SECAM).
Pace's advanced Scientific-Atlanta PowerKEY(R) compliant digital home gateway integrates the world's first single-chip solution - the Broadcom BCM 7100, 170 MIPS processing power, DAVIC return path, Power TV(R) operating system, and a choice of Scientific-Atlanta's Resident Application or Pioneer Passport interactive electronic program guides.