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DAWGData Access Working Group
DAWGDirected Acyclic Word Graph
DAWGData Analysis Working Group
DAWGDeployment Availability Working Group
DAWGDeputies Advisory Working Group (US DoD senior leadership advisory group)
DAWGDoing Away with Grime (Terryville, CT)
DAWGDay Alone with God
DAWGDeployable Array Working Group
DAWGDesign and Analysis Working Group
DAWGDog Agility Working Group
DAWGDisaster Attache Working Group (FEMA)
DAWGDesign and Analysis Web Guide (University of Tennessee)
DAWGDocumentation Architecture Working Group
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The alternative is a softbait like the Yamamoto Senko or the Berkley Havoc Flat Dawg, which are much softer and more flexible.
And it was The Venerable Dawg who'd taught me one of life's greatest lessons: You'll never lose an argument if you refuse to get into a discussion.
CRIME-BUSTERS: Smithy the black Lab is following in the footsteps of Deputy Dawg and Scooby Doo.
Today, at 34, he's the owner of DAWG Automotive, a vehicle accessories store that recently moved from Eugene to downtown Springfield's Main Street.
The current Big Dawg Smokin' - a play off his nickname and the bulldogs he was raising at the time - was created after a friend suggested he offer barbecue, something no other operator in the area was doing.
Rosen met Foley who at that time went by the name Depty Dawg in 1975 at an old Virginia mill.
Made by Hippie Dawg Canine Bakery, Glenwood Springs, (970) 984-3757, www.
To prevent such end row or intersection rack damage from fork trucks, Steel King announces Guard Dawg pallet rack protection, which can have a R.
EPUTY Dawg Ieuan Wyn Jones, the squeaky-voiced Plaid Cymru boss, also holds the transport and economic development portfolios in the Senedd in addition to his post as Rhodri Morgan's side-kick.
Tori, Tash, Aaron, Faye, Dawg zyhud201008cowan-12: SEXY GIRLS: Cat and Zoe zyhud201008cowan-7: BOSSIN' IT: Jess, Cerise, Shauna, Yasmin, Gemma and Sarah zyhud201008cowan-17: SHOUT OUT: Peter and Alex zyhud201008cowan-11: MAKING WEDNESDAY NIGHTS: Leon and Lee zyhud201008cowan-10
Deputy Dawg and Percy Poo will be patrol Chester-le-Street's Riverside Park to remind dog owners to pick up after their pooches.