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DAWIDeutsch Angolanische Wirtschafts Initiative eV (German: German Angolan Economic Initiative; Munich, Germany)
DAWIDefense Acquisition Workforce Improvement
DAWIDelta Access Web Interface
DAWIDawson Against the War in Iraq (Dawson College; Canada)
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On 32 DAWI in 1995 and 43 DAWI in 1996, Pn under SLW infestation was significantly reduced by 9 and 17%, respectively, relative to the noninfested treatments.
Leaders: USFWC Executive Directors: Amy Johnson and Esteban Kelly; DAWI Executive Director: Melissa Hoover
More than 40 percent of worker cooperatives in existence today were formed by converting an existing business to worker ownership, and several recent large and high-profile conversions show that conversion activity is only growing," Melissa Hoover, DAWI executive director.