DAYCDevelopmental Assessment of Young Children (San Antonio, TX)
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Because the DAYC examiner's manual does not provide this information, this investigation provides information on selection of cutoff scores and determination of diagnostic accuracy.
The following discussion focuses on two areas related to the validity of the test scores obtained in this investigation: (a) differences in mean scores obtained by the children with LI in this investigation compared to the mean scores of subgroups within the normative sample of the DAYC and (b) differences in diagnostic accuracy based on cutoff score selection.
The normative sample of the DAYC comprises three groups of children: (a) nondisabled (children with no known developmental delays, disorders, or risks for delay), (b) at risk (children with known biological or environmental risks for delays in development, such as low birth weight and child neglect), and (c) disabled (children with mental retardation, severe disabilities across multiple domains, or learning disabilities).