DArchDoctor of Architecture
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Tess soon perceived as she walked in the flock, sometimes with this one, sometimes with that, that the fresh night air was producing staggerings and serpentine courses among then men who had partaken too freely; some of the more careless women also were wandering in their gait--to wit, a dark virago, Car Darch, dubbed Queen of Spades, till lately a favourite of d'Urberville's; Nancy, her sister, nicknamed the Queen of Diamonds; and the young married woman who had already tumbled down.
She then segued into announcing the organization's community service award for Darch.
However, before we get to the meeting of Darch and Promyong, and the founding of the partnership corporation, there is a lengthy description of Darch's life and career.
Darch has been at the forefront of the push to reintroduce standing at games and had a key role in the Hoops' successful bid.
Darch was also given a six-week suspended sentence for carrying the knife.
I think it was intentionally left this broad to extend the visibility of the posting and give unions the opportunity to use violations of the rule as leverage in an organizing campaign," Darch says.
Darch has drawn particular attention to the role played by missionary intermediaries and supporters in Britain who were informed through their direct links with missionaries.
But Mr Darch, 54, of Rockwell Green, near Wellington, in Somerset, says the council told him in 2006 it was an oversight and they would write it off.
Darch and his unfortunate comrades were put to work principally on the Kuching airfield and the ship-building facility at Tanah Puteh (near Pending) where Sarawak's one significant wartime industry was established by the Japanese.