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DB1Dark Beginnings 1 (Yu-Gi-Oh)
DB1DNA-Binding Oligopeptide (molecular biology)
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Mr Sargeant said: "From what CWaC has said it looks like the DB1 will continue, which is great news for many Alyn and Deeside constituents.
INFLUENTIAL: The first product of Aston Martin after being taken over by Huddersfield-born David Brown inspired a succession of models and later became known as the DB1
Countries are then rated accordingly, with DB1 representing the lowest risk, and DB7 the highest.
Foi utilizado um cromatografo, modelo GC-17A, acoplado a espectrometro de massa modelo QP-5000, Marca Shimadzu, com uma coluna DB1 (J&W Scientific)--100% polimetilsiloxano, com 30 m de comprimento x 0,25 mm de diametro interno x 0,25 [micron]m de espessura de filme.
Use master; Backup log DB1 to disk = '< backup path >';
Daubechies Wavelet Classification Efficiency (%) DB1 93.
We conclude for the control treatment part of the experiment that our AR double-blind procedure replicates the DB1 results and therefore is also consistent with Johannesson and Persson's (2000) results.
DB1 = Discrepancy Benchmark 1 (Word Attack, Passage Comprehension, and DIBELS ORE levels at or above the mean of EL peers receiving English instruction).
32 mm internal diameter fused silica capillary column with DB1 stationary phase (0.
Monosaccharide composition was analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry on a HP 5890 gas chromatograph equipped with a Supelco DB1 fused-silica capillary column and interfaced to a 5970 mass spectrum detector.
The Coborn DB1 digital balancer features simple, one-button opeation, with integral self-tuning and auto-ranging functions.