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DBCPDatabase Connection Pooling
DBCPData Buoy Cooperation Panel (IOC, WMO)
DBCPDrifting Buoy Cooperation Panel (oceanography)
DBCPDaya Bay Contingency Plan (Hong Kong)
DBCPDigital Broadcast Content Provision (FCC)
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Most of the SVPB hardware is supported by the GDP but significant contributions also come from DBCP members by way of SVPB hardware purchase or upgrades of GDP's SVP drifters with barometers.
irrefutable presumption of causation in DBCP litigation in Nicaraguan
Plaintiffs in the DBCP litigation claimed exposure to the pesticide going as far back as 1972, and began filing lawsuits against the company in 1993.
El DBCP fue retirado de Estados Unidos en 1979 por la Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, por sus siglas en ingles), despues de que se determinara que el quimico era un posible agente cancerigeno para los trabajadores.
DBCP stopped being produced in the US because of EPA and OSHA regulations.
Plaintiffs allege that exposure to DBCP caused male sterility and low sperm counts and that Defendant AMVAC had been aware of these risks since the 1950s.
For example, the use of the DBCP pesticide led to birth defects, damage to the liver and kidneys and allegedly caused sterility in male workers.
1982) (failure to warn action brought against an industrial manufacturer of the chemical DBCP, which was sold to a formulator who used it as an ingredient of a soil fumigant, in which the court held that "labeling and packaging requirements necessarily differ depending upon the particular formulation and, thus, place the responsibility on the formulator for providing adequate warning").
A California jury in November agreed with the farmworkers' claim that the dangerous pesticide DBCP rendered them sterile, and that Dole concealed the health dangers posed by DBCP.
She describes the juridical struggles that took place after large numbers of banana workers sued, in the USA, pesticide producers and banana corporations for the use of nematicide DBCP in banana cultivation when the companies knew beforehand about the possible negative health effects of the use of such pesticide.
En estas condiciones muchos trabajadores se volvieron infertiles, pese a que anos antes el DBCP habia sido prohibido en los Estados Unidos de America (EUA) al observarse estos efectos entre productores (34).