DBCTDalrymple Bay Coal Terminal (Australia)
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As a result, some AAPT throughput moved to DBCT when one of AAPT's user mines was sold to a new owner that had unused contracted capacity at DBCT.
As a result, CMIS has partnered with DBCT to develop a mathematical model and provide decision support tools to address DBCT's resource allocation problems and various other issues in terminal operations and management (Ernst et al.
Figure 1 shows the principal players in the DBCT coal supply chain.
The coal terminal, DBCT, is a co-investment facility operated by an independent management company (DBCT Pty Ltd) for and on behalf of six mining companies and the Queensland state government.
QR currently supplies 8 or 9 trains for the DBCT operations.
Aside from the DBCT terminal users, the rail network is also used by other terminals and mines in the region but there are no passenger trains in this system.
The DBCT users place orders for railing 12 days in advance in terms of consists, a group of railway wagons and engines.
The train then leaves for DBCT where it waits to unload coal via one of two inloaders, a conveyor facility for transferring coal to the terminal.
DBCT P/L is Queensland's largest coal export terminal.
DBCT P/L will receive a number of benefits from using 5.
0," said Kelvin Lockyer, Executive Manager Operations, DBCT P/L.
With Quintiq's layered architecture, and despite DBCT P/L's complexity, their upgrade was efficient and was achieved in a matter of weeks including testing.