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DBDDatabase Driver
DBDDNA binding Domain (nuclear receptors)
DBDDefective by Design (campaign; Free Software Foundation)
DBDDatabase Design
DBDDielectric Barrier Discharge
DBDDatabase Description
DBDDeath Before Dishonor (gaming clan)
dBdDecibels (dipole antenna)
DBDDemokratische Bauernpartei Deutschlands (Democratic Farmer's Party of East Germany)
DBDDisruptive Behavior Disorder
DBDDatabase Dictionary (file extension)
DBDDeath by Degrees (game)
DBDDuke Blue Devils (aka the BDs)
DBDDancing By Definition (square dancing)
DBDDead Beat Dad (father in arrears of child support)
DBDDesign Basis Document
DBDDays Between Dates
DBDDebrancher Enzyme Deficiency
DBDDon't Be Dumb
DBDDelicious Bookmark Discovery (iPad application)
DBDDepression/Bipolar Disorder
DBDDiagnose Before Dispatch
DBDDistributed Block Device (Posix Systems)
DBDDegenerative Bone Disease
DBDDeadbox before Dishonor (paintball group)
DBDDetailed Budget Decision
DBDDISA Budget Decision
DBDDon't Be Dissin'
DBDDeath before Disloyalty
DBDDirector for Business Development
DBDDinner Business Decline (Olive Garden Italian Restaurant)
DBDDeath before Dismount (gaming)
DBDDeath by Dualshock (gaming clan)
DBDDeath by Dismemberment (gaming)
DBDDeath before Disco (gaming clan)
DBDDelta Beauté Distribution (French: Delta Beauty Distribution)
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When DCD kidneys were transplanted, the failure rate in the first few months was nearly twice as high as for DBD kidneys, the researchers found.
It would a great injustice to the people of this province if DBD project was abandoned," he remarked and added that Bhasha dam would also help fulfil the country's water needs for irrigation purposes.
This is a historically large order and one of importance for us in our long-term cooperation with DBD.
This paper is organized as follows: after a brief introduction in Section 1, description of plasma generation systems and process parameters of DBD reactor are presented in Section 2.
Table 3 - basic vulcanizate properties None 7/WG 11/WG DBD Tensile strength (MPa) 21 25 25 24 Elongation at break (%) 350 384 374 381 Modulus 100 (MPa) 5.
The RBS15 Mk3, jointly produced and marketed by Saab and DBD, is a heavy weight Surface-to-Surface Missile system with a range of more than 200 km and the added capability to combat land targets.
DBD would generate 4500 mw cheaper, clean and green energy having live storage of 6.
DBD was a very important project for future water requirement
SEO Express includes a free, no-commitment website audit by DBD Media's search specialists to identify the key issues preventing businesses from ranking well across the search engines, including:
Here is a synopsis of why CPO and DBD have a Zacks Rank of 5 (Strong Sell) and should most likely be sold or avoided for the next one to three months.
DBD has shown the ability to cross the blood brain barrier and thus potentially has the opportunity to be effective in a variety of malignancies that originate or metastasize to the central nervous system.