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DBDDatabase Driver
DBDDNA binding Domain (nuclear receptors)
DBDDefective by Design (campaign; Free Software Foundation)
DBDDatabase Design
DBDDielectric Barrier Discharge
DBDDatabase Description
DBDDeath Before Dishonor (gaming clan)
dBdDecibels (dipole antenna)
DBDDemokratische Bauernpartei Deutschlands (Democratic Farmer's Party of East Germany)
DBDDisruptive Behavior Disorder
DBDDatabase Dictionary (file extension)
DBDDeath by Degrees (game)
DBDDuke Blue Devils (aka the BDs)
DBDDancing By Definition (square dancing)
DBDDead Beat Dad (father in arrears of child support)
DBDDesign Basis Document
DBDDays Between Dates
DBDDebrancher Enzyme Deficiency
DBDDon't Be Dumb
DBDDelicious Bookmark Discovery (iPad application)
DBDDepression/Bipolar Disorder
DBDDiagnose Before Dispatch
DBDDistributed Block Device (Posix Systems)
DBDDegenerative Bone Disease
DBDDeadbox before Dishonor (paintball group)
DBDDetailed Budget Decision
DBDDISA Budget Decision
DBDDon't Be Dissin'
DBDDeath before Disloyalty
DBDDirector for Business Development
DBDDinner Business Decline (Olive Garden Italian Restaurant)
DBDDeath before Dismount (gaming)
DBDDeath by Dualshock (gaming clan)
DBDDeath by Dismemberment (gaming)
DBDDeath before Disco (gaming clan)
DBDDelta Beauté Distribution (French: Delta Beauty Distribution)
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He added power generation may be initiated 2-3 years after work on DBD starts.
A warning to governors is said to have linked three convicted murderers to DBD.
There are more geological sites suitable for DBD as the granite layer that is required can be found at appropriate depths under most of the continental crust.
Following an explanation given by Kotsonis, et al [3], DBD is based on the ionization of air using an ac voltage between two electrodes, as shown in Fig.
The research in ozone generation at the Universidad del Valle has focused primarily on the development of the DBD cells in order to take advantage of the power electronics to increase efficiency which has greater control possibilities (Echeverry et al, 2006; Echeverry et al, 2008; Echeverry, 2008; Cifuentes, 2013).
The level of self-efficacy of family caregivers in DBD management has been described as one of the indicators of the level of a caregiver's burden (Campbell et al.
In my subsequent R/RBI research, I have followed a more rigorous research procedure--first ascertaining the complete details for each and every run scored in a game during a season and then comparing these R/RBI results with the R/RBI stats in baseball's official DBD records.
It would a great injustice to the people of this province if DBD project was abandoned," he remarked and added that Bhasha dam would also help fulfill the country's water needs for irrigation purposes.
Spectrum Investments Ltd, in which Shore Capital is majority stakeholder, bought, along with a fully-controlled unit, the outstanding loan stock in DBD as well as an additional 28% equity shareholding in the company, taking full control of the economic interest in it, Shore Capital said.
33g with a 10% probability of exceedance in 50 years have been assigned for DBD using PSHA.
Delayed graft uptake occurred in some cases, but no primary graft failure occurred and all grafts eventually assumed a function equivalent to DBD kidneys (13).
Westinghouse Electric Company, a group company of Toshiba Corporation, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with DBD Limited.