DBDMDécouverte Bord de Mer (French: Discovery Seaside)
DBDMDual Band Dual Mode (wireless communicators)
DBDMDigital Broadcasting Device Manager (software)
DBDMDirect Beauté Diffusion Méditerranée (French beauty supply distributor)
DBDMData-Based Decision Making
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Effective DBDM can only occur within a school context that facilitates the process.
If the DBDM process is confined to the school counseling program, a school counselor will typically lead the team, and team composition will consist of advisory group members and other school counseling program stakeholders such as administrators, teachers, parents, and students.
In assembling a DBDM team, the leader ought to consider the following questions: (a) Does the team include all the needed perspectives to correctly identify problems and potential solutions?
These can be used by the DBDM team to provide an initial focus.
Upon completion of this stage, the DBDM team will have a clear description of a specific question defined in terms of measurable student learning outcomes.
Once the results data are analyzed to describe the current status of the identified question, the DBDM team can begin to generate ideas regarding barriers to attainment of the goal.
With the results and perception data, the DBDM team can now identify an intervention to solve the problem.
For example, if the DBDM team decides to implement the "Second Step" curriculum to improve academic achievement in its elementary school, checking for treatment fidelity entails making sure that all students experience the Second Step program similarly.
Ideally, at least one member of the DBDM team is facile in performing data analyses; if not, assistance with data analysis can often be obtained by contacting a local university with a school counselor education program or an organization such as the National Center for School Counseling Outcome Research (http://www.
With the data analyzed, the DBDM team can make a determination about the success of the intervention.
The results of the process the DBDM team embarked on should be disseminated broadly, but the DBDM team should be mindful of the audience as results reports are shared and communicated with the school counseling program's stakeholders.
The use of technology tools such as Microsoft's PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, and EZAnalyze can facilitate the summarization and dissemination of the DBDM team's work.