DBDMDécouverte Bord de Mer (French: Discovery Seaside)
DBDMDual Band Dual Mode (wireless communicators)
DBDMDigital Broadcasting Device Manager (software)
DBDMDirect Beauté Diffusion Méditerranée (French beauty supply distributor)
DBDMData-Based Decision Making
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The DBDM will offer analysts the greatest statistical value and flexibility when determining how driving behavior characteristics are predictive of loss.
During the development phase, ISO will work closely with development partners who will have exclusive access to their own data, benchmarked to the industry aggregate, as well as input on design considerations for the DBDM.
In an interesting extension of the ASCA National Model, the New York State School Counselor Association (NYSSCA) has explicitly included Dahir and Stone's (2003) DBDM model in the New York State Model (NYSSCA, 2005).
To highlight similarities and differences among the models, a matrix using common model elements as the organizing structure was developed by reviewing the steps of DBDM elaborated by each model.
To develop a model of DBDM for integration with the ASCA National Model, the models we reviewed were synthesized into a new five-stage model, the IDEAS model, depicted in Figure 1.
Effective DBDM occurs within a context that can best be described as the "Enabling Conditions.
The models of DBDM that we reviewed all implicitly or explicitly recognize that certain conditions must exist in order for the process to work effectively.
While all of the reviewed DBDM models assume the existence of a collaborative climate, the models differ with respect to the composition of the DBDM team.
In contrast, Isaacs' (2003) and Dahir and Stone's (2003) models emphasize the use of DBDM within the school counseling program.
The DBDM models we reviewed differ in terms of when and how these members are involved.
The updated Action Plan is inextricably tied to the DBDM and its implementation.
I believe we can all be proud that this Bank has an exceptional record in serving Africa, AfDB Group President Akinwumi Adesina wrote in a message to all staff announcing the DBDM.