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DBMSDatabase Management System
DBMSDatabase Management Software
DBMSDefense Business Management System
DBMSDirector of Base Medical Services
DBMSDon't Bug My Supervisor (BOFH)
DBMSDoctor of Biomedical Science
DBMSDatabase and Media Systems
DBMSDuxbury Bay Maritime School (Duxbury, MA)
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Analysts maintain that there is a real opportunity for data integration tools vendors to challenge the database management system (DBMS) vendors as the primary data management architecture, and the DBMS vendors should not underestimate this potential competition.
A true heterogeneous tool supports a single or mixed DBMS environment with one standard tool, one license spend, and one interface.
Cellular DBMS architecture and its design principles are explained in Section 4.
Encrypting data within DBMS is usually implemented as stored procedures: before storing the data in database, an encryption procedure is called; for decrypting the data, the reverse procedure is used.
1) IDC, "Worldwide Embedded DBMS 2007-2011 Forecast and 2006 Vendor Shares," Doc # 209653, December, 2007
Relational" models refer to the way the DBMS organizes information internally.
IDC's XML and Virtual Database Management System Market Forecase and Analysis, 2001-2005 discusses the trends in the XML and virtual DBMS market in 2000 as well as the 1998-2000 XML and virtual DBMS software revenue and market shares for leading vendors.
The research group reports worldwide new license revenue in the DBMS market reached $8.
A primary advantage of DBMS is its ability to limit and control redundant data in multiple systems.
Indeed, ADP systems and DBMS software, which the procedure addresses, have generally been replaced by even more comprehensive and integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and hardware systems.
DBMS and programming languages each provide a distinct viewpoint on data and applications.
The technological advancements in embedded DBMS products are related to improving the data management and data integration capabilities.