DBMTDenny Buehler Memorial Tournament (Ohio)
DBMTDialogue-Based Machine Translation (computer linguistics)
DBMTDesign/Build Management Team
DBMTDepartment of Business, Manufacturing and Trade (Australia)
DBMTDelay-Bounded Multicast Tree
DBMTDisplacement Use of Bone Marrow Transplantation (immunology)
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Table-2: Tafel polarization parameters for the corrosion of cupro-nickel alloy in sulphide polluted synthetic sea water at different concentrations of BTMT, DBMT and TBMT.
Table-3: Electrochemical impedance data of copper-nickel alloy in sulphide polluted synthetic sea water containing different concentrations of BTMT, DBMT and TBMT.
The value of Faradaic resistance (RF) increases with increase in concentration showing that BTMT, DBMT and TBMT stabilize the corrosion products on the metal surface and the value reaches more than 42 times greater value for TBMT than that obtained for the blank solution.
BTMT, DBMT and TBMT show differences in their inhibition efficiency due to the difference in their molecular structures of the thiadiazole derivatives studied.
The denickelification (n) factors for cupro-nickel alloy in the absence and presence of different concentrations of BTMT, DBMT and TBMT in sulphide polluted synthetic seawater were calculated from the ICP-AES data and the results are given in Table-4.
That "silence" says DBMT, may be a tacit consent to what occurred during the Clinton administration, when the FDA lessened restrictions on DTC ads.
Or Kerry's silence may reflect his unwillingness to 'go left' at a time when he needs to take a more centrist position to woo independent voters," says DBMT.
In explicit terms, notes DBMT, Bush's Medicare reform prohibits Medicare from negotiating discounts for prescription drugs or allowing seniors to buy prescriptions from Canada.