DBSMDepressive Suicidal Black Metal
DBSMDeutsches Buch und Schriftmuseum (German: German Book and Writing Museum)
DBSMDeveloping Business Service Markets (Bangladesh, India)
DBSMData Base Systems Manager
DBSMDouble Breast Sandwich Meshplasty (hernia repair)
DBSMDecibel Per Square Meter
DBSMDerdiarian Behavioral System Model (cancer)
DBSMData Base Service Module
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Positioning itself as a new alternative for isothiazolone biocides and preservatives used in the paint and coatings industry, DBSM holds manufacturing facilities in China and production and storage facilities in the United States.
Among the markets covered by DBSM products are water treatment, pulp and paper, industrial preservation, wood preservation, oil and gas, and personal care.
By the comparison the appropriateness of the application of DBSM to a structural element made of a brittle granular material such as rammed earth is examined.