DC5Dave Clark Five
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The DC5 began as a fairly ordinary American-styled 1950's rock group in London that underwent a series of personnel changes before settling on the core quintet of Mike Smith (lead vocal and organ), Denis Payton (saxophones, harmonica, and guitar), Lenny Davidson (lead guitar), Rick Huxley (bass) and the leader on drums and vocal.
The questions that kept surfacing while I was watching this documentary revolved around why the DC5 is so little known today.
According to the company, the DC5 provides for a greater range of media widths, and comprises an ethernet port and a new user interface together with a touchscreen control, while both machines are available with the latest version of Summa's Colorcontrol RIP+Cut edition.
DC5 AM GMT FIRST FAMILY: US President Bill Clinton embraces wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea
Equinix's DC5 center will also provide Slide with a secure and redundant physical infrastructure.
Eilberg stated that, "the poor results reflected decreased shipments of our inventory service products, primarily the DC5, to a major customer temporarily adjusting their requirements this year.
AICS has agreed to upgrade all of their existing non wireless DC5 units to this new wireless technology.
Ward, Chairman and CEO of National Datacomputer, said "the major contribution to the results in 2003 has been a new product, the DC5 CE, which is marketed to the Inventory Services industry.
Ward, President and CEO of National Datacomputer further commented "the early success we are experiencing with our new products is primarily with our DC5 in the Inventory Services marketplace.
Eilberg stated that "the sizable decrease in revenues was caused by a large sale of the new product, the DC5, in the first quarter last year which was not duplicated this year.
John Ward, Acting President and CEO said that "the low revenues resulted primarily from decreased shipments of DC4 units which are now being equipped with Microsoft (TM) Windows (R) CE and from the non-availability of NDI's new generation of hand-held datacomputers, the DC5 and DC5CE, which was caused by engineering delays.