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DCAGDemag Cranes, AG (Germany)
DCAGDaimlerChrysler Aktiengesellschaft
DCAGDeputy Carrier Air Group Commander
DCAGData Collection and Analysis Group
DCAGDepartmental Cost Allowance Guide
DCAGDunblane Cathedral Arts Guild (UK)
DCAGDC Argo Group (Kazakhstan)
DCAGData Center Assistance Group, Inc. (Flushing, NY)
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Plans for ProQuest to develop other special EPC applications for DCAG are already underway, such as an online application for U.
I continued speaking to DCAG and the squadron CATCC representative.
DCAG was set up to defend the common land in the centre of the racecourse, and its environs, and chairman Dave Shaw said: "No consideration has gone into the public rights of way and disabled access.
I was lucky the worst thing was DCAG had to fly longer than planned.
DCAG is confident that this two-step solution will resolve the problem.
Their lead, our DCAG, saw the opportunity to allow our section to go to the range ahead of his and offered to let me cut in line.
The lead aircraft was the skipper, and Dash 3 was DCAG.
The Hawkeye is usually a handful to fly with two pilots, but, for this flight, I planned to be a single pilot, with DCAG in the right seat.