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DCFDepartment of Children and Families (various US states)
DCFDiscounted Cash Flow
DCFDistributed Coordination Function
DCFDRM (Digital Rights Management) Content Format
DCFDesign rule for Camera File system (JEITA)
DCFDansk Cyklist Forbund
DCFDocument Composition Facility
DCFDispersion-Compensating Fiber
DCFDistribution Centre Facility (Canada Post)
DCFDose Conversion Factor
DCFData Center Fabric
DCFData Collection Form
DCFDesignated Collection Facility (Europe's WEEE Directive)
DCFData Communication Facility
DCFData Compression Facility
DCFData Count Field
DCFDuration Correction Factor (distributed computing; work time-limit protocol)
DCFData Clarification Form
DCFData Capture Facility
DCFDominica, Dominica - Cane Field (Airport Code)
DCFData Communication Function (ANSI)
DCFDirect Consular Filing (immigration application made directly to the local US Consulate)
DCFDansk Cricket Forbund (Denmark)
DCFData Capture Form
DCFDemocratic Control of Forces
DCFDocument Control Facility (IBM)
DCFDocument Control File
DCFDallas Cowboys Football (blog)
DCFDigitizer Configuration File
DCFData Correction Form
DCFDishonored Check File
DCFDeveloping Country Fund
DCFDOCS Certification Facility
DCFDSCS Certification Facility
DCFData Composition Facility
DCFDynamic Coersive Force
DCFDigital Club Festival
DCFDegradation Conversion Factor
DCFDisaster Control Force
DCFDistributed Communications Facility
DCFDirect Centrifugal Flotation - Lane Method
DCFDach Centre Focussing (binoculars)
DCFDesign Change Form (engineering)
DCFDiocese of Central Florida (Episcopal church)
DCFDell Community Forum
DCFDiaspora de la Chine en France (French: Diaspora of China in France)
DCFDobermann Club de France (French dog club)
DCFDesert Combat Final (gaming)
DCFDysplasie Coxo-Fémorale (French: Hip Dysplasia)
DCFDoggen Club de France (French dog club)
DCFDirigeants Commerciaux de France (French: Commercial Leaders in France)
DCFDirection de la Circulation Ferroviaire (French rail traffic directorate)
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L'article Quid d'une valeur DCF nAaAaAeA@gative est apparu en premier s ALBAYANE .
At DCF, user interface design is increasingly about mobile user interface design.
The Welfare League's report underscores that DCF is an agency under intense scrutiny, at crisis levels in terms of caseloads, lacking funding and resources, and that it requires new policy and procedures, Mr.
Recently, Interim DCF Secretary Esther Jacobo has been open and invited collaborative solutions to address these failures, and the Florida Legislature is considering several measures that could create the reforms advocates have been demanding for years to protect both community children and children taken into state care, as well.
We are focusing our energies to achieve a combined revenue of RO100mn in the near term," says K M S Sreenivas, CEO of DCF.
In January 2011, approximately 4, 792 children were in placement with the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) (excluding children involved in DCF who are not in DCF placements).
Reduced activation of the DCF muscles has previously been demonstrated to be associated with increased activation of the superficial flexor muscles in studies using the CCFT in patients with persisting dysfunction and neck pain (Falla et al 2004, Jull et al 2009).
How the RI model relates to traditional valuation models such as the DDM and DCF is made known in the next section.
The Minister underlined that the DCF has come to support the State's efforts in investment, notably in the field of infrastructure and large-scale projects, adding that launching of this investment instrument will contribute to reduce the recourse to foreign indebtedness
TUNIS (TAP) - The Deposit and Consignment Fund (DCF) was launched, on Thursday, on the occasion of the DCF supervisory commission's first meeting.
As an addition to our core offerings in Corporate Finance Advisory, Forensic and Dispute Services, Transaction Services, Valuations, and Capital Projects Advisory, DCF has recently strengthened its depth of specialised offering to include Real Estate Advisory capabilities as well as a dedicated Restructuring Advisory team," he said.
Ratcliff Award and a $1000 honorarium for their article, "Office Property DCF Assumptions: Lessons from Two Decades of Investor Surveys," published in the Summer 2010 issue of The Appraisal Journal.