DCSCDanish Center for Scientific Computing (Danish Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation)
DCSCDelft Center for Systems and Control (Delft University of Technology; Netherlands)
DCSCDefense Construction Supply Center
DCSCDisha College of Science and Commerce (India)
DCSCDane County School Consortium (Wisconsin)
DCSCDetroit Cocker Spaniel Club (dogs; Detroit, MI)
DCSCDay Care Services for Children, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI)
DCSCDobson Cartage and Storage Corporation (Michigan)
DCSCDepartment of Computer Science Council (Ryerson University; Canada)
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The Court in Leago grappled with the issue of using DCSC as the basis to allow the offer, (122) since the IRM directs agents to consider all other potential types of offers before it considers the offer under ETA.
Such an individual would not qualify for an ETA offer, but the Service may find that there are extenuating equitable circumstances which would permit the Service to consider the offer under a DCSC offer.
DCSC [4] proposes a dynamic cluster structure to detect and track a continuous object.
The boundary precision is thus comparatively less than our approach and that of DCSC [4], in which the base station receives information from almost every boundary node.
We also compare our results to DCSC [4] as initial work in this research area.
We first consider holes inside objects, unlike DEMOCO [6], ECOT [9] and DCSC [4], which do not concern possible data loss or contention between nodes or how to route data to the sink.
In DCSC and TOCOB, each sensor node reports to cluster head and cluster head reports to the base station.
We will use this extensive global experience and proven state-of-the-art technology to enable DCSC to provide highly-efficient and reliable cargo handling services.
This will be a green-field project where DCSC will build a new cargo terminal at IGI.
His participation in trade associations has transformed visions into reality and helped define industry practices," said Derek Broes, founder of DCSC.
Tenders are invited for Shifting of 250mm dia DI pipe line behind DCSC swimming pool at under GE (U) Chandimandir