DCSHDirect Connect Secured Hub
DCSHDirect Connect Secured Hub (computer server)
DCSHDigital Cordless Surround Headphone
DCSHDurham Community Shelter for HOPE (Durham, NC)
DCSHDer Clan Schlecht Hin (German gaming clan)
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The maximum gas production 'a+b' value was similar between CLR and LCSH, but their means were greater than the mean for DCSH (p<0.
In the present study, the CP contents of DCSH and LCSH were close to literature values reported for the lower limit (40 g/kg DM) and upper limit (124 g/kg DM), respectively, for cottonseed hulls (Hsu, 1987; Garleb, 1988).
A greater ME content was observed for LCSH than for DCSH and was comparable to the ME value determined for dehydrated alfalfa meal (NRC, 1989).
In the present paper, the in situ and in vitro trials indicated a greater digestibility and fermentability of CLR than was seen for either LCSH or DCSH.
In the present study, both in situ and in vitro ruminal degradation of DM and CP were greater for LCSH than for DCSH, which suggests that short linters are more readily degraded in the rumen than are long linters.
In the present study, a faster degradation rate was observed for CLR than for either LCSH or DCSH.
In the present study, total VFA production was markedly lower for DSCH than for CLR, which might be a consequence of the presence of higher amounts of hull associated structural fibre in DCSH than in CLR.