DDHSDavid Douglas High School (Oregon)
DDHSDistrict Director of Health Services (various locations)
DDHSDenver Department of Human Services (Denver, CO)
DDHSDeputy Director of Health Services (India)
DDHSDallas Dental Hygienists' Society (Dallas, TX)
DDHSDirectorate of Dental Health Services
DDHSDavid Douglas Historical Society (Portland, OR)
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Depending on engine speed and load, the DDHS consumes between 0.
One of the purposes of the demonstration project is to quantify the difference in noise and exhaust emissions between standard locomotives and those equipped with the DDHS.
Like the original DDHS, which was powered by a two-cylinder engine, the DDHS-3 is equipped with a Lister Petter engine.
The DDHS will automatically switch between low- and high-speed operation as conditions warrant.
The DDHS uses electric heaters and multiple heat exchangers to extract heat from the Lister Petter engine and effectively transfer it to warm the locomotive's coolant and lube oil.
If the DDHS engine shuts down, a dump valve drains the heating system to prevent coolant freeze-up.
The DDHS is PLC driven to operate automatically upon manual shutdown of the locomotive.