DDISDissociative Disorders Interview Schedule (mental health)
DDISDiffractive Deep Inelastic Scattering (physics)
DDiSDirect Diesel injection System
DDISData Depository Index System (NASA)
DDISDepartmental Deposit Information Sheet (Texas Tech)
DDISDarling Downs Internet Services (Gold Coast, Australia)
DDISDigital Document Information System
DDISDirect Drive Systems (electrical engineering firm; France)
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The specialists can then retrieve the submitted sample, also using the DDIS client program, and make an identification or diagnosis with recommendations.
DDIS is available at extension offices throughout Florida.
Acxiom's Outsourcing Division Leader Lee Hodges said, "The DDIS acquisition will bring to Acxiom a valued and loyal customer base, skilled associates and additional processing capacity, while providing a strategic complement to our current west region operations.
These forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties and the company's actual results may vary materially depending on various factors such as the overall demand for Information Technology consulting services, the attraction and retention of employees, the development of new services offerings, the management and completion of client projects and successful closure of the DDIS transaction.
pursuant to which Brown & Sharpe assumed all of Soquel's rights and obligations with respect to the previous sale by Robomatix of its interest in DDIS Israel Ltd.
The novation agreement provides that Brown & Sharpe (NYSE: BNS) will make a certain immediate cash payment to Robomatix and will pay Robomatix royalties based on all sales of products incorporating the Black Beam technology (developed by DDIS Israel Ltd.