DDJCDefense Distribution Depot - San Joaquin, CA
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DDJC is in the military readiness business and is the Department of Defense's Western Strategic Distribution Platform, serving as one of the hubs of logistics activities for America's military.
The unit continues its monthly support of DDJC and has already sent several members on extended active duty in support of the war effort.
DDJC is the western DLA Strategic Distribution Platform, with facilities at Tracy and Sharpe, Calif.
The goal of this competitive sourcing process was to ensure that the critical mission of providing installation services to DDJC is performed in the most efficient and effective manner possible," said Col.
LTG Wykle, President, NDTA, officiated the ceremony installing new President Terri Dalton, DDJC.
The DDJC study will include all listed installation services functions at Tracy and Sharpe.