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DDODungeons & Dragons Online
DDODollard des Ormeaux (Montreal District)
DDODrawing and Disbursing Officer (various organizations)
DDODynamic Data Object
DDODiscount Drugs Online
DDODynamic Drive Overlay
DDODubberly Design Office (San Francisco, CA)
DDODouble Die Obverse (numismatics)
DDODeputy Director of Operations (US CIA)
DDODeputy District Officer (Pakistan)
DDODiocesan Director of Ordinands (Church of England)
DDODogues de l'Ouest (French: Dogs of the West)
DDODirect Debit Option (payment method)
DDODesignated Detention Officer (UK police)
DDODistillate Diesel Oil
DDODiscrete Digital Output (NASA)
DDODiocesan Development Office (Catholic Church)
DDODigital Data Objects
DDODigital Data Out
DDODisobeying a Direct Order
DDODaily Dose of Optimism (blog; investing)
DDODesignated Days Off
DDODémarche Départementale d'Observation (French: Departmental Process Observation)
DDODual Docked Operation (US NASA)
DDODepartmental Duty Officer
DDODistrict Directorate Officer
DDODirect Dialing Overseas (Nortel)
DDODuty District Officer
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The DDO vineyards are known for having what is thought to be the highest vine density in Oregon, if not the United States.
Just this month, BitConnect, a cryptocurrency lending and exchange platform, announced it would shut down, and partially said a string of website paralysing DDoS attacks contributed to its closure.
The largest volumetric DDoS attack observed by Verisign in Q3 2017 was a multi-vector attack that peaked at approximately 2.
In a new report, Imperva warns about a new type of ferocious DDoS attack that uses 'pulse waves' to hit multiple targets.
It's worth noting that hosting providers and telecom companies are at higher risk to become victims of DDoS attacks: according to the results of Q2 2017 they receive 21% of all attacks.
com/ddos-attack-gaming-gambling-sites-hong-kong-believed-be-extortion-attempt-2535523) DDoS Attack On Gaming, Gambling Sites In Hong Kong Believed To Be Extortion Attempt
Recovering from DDoS is also more expensive for banks than non-financial organizations.
In terms of the importance of providing DDoS mitigation in relation to other types of security services for customers, 93% see it as a high priority, with 37% ranking it as more important and 56% saying it was just as important.
Prolexic reports my site was just hit with the largest DDOS the internet has ever seen.
In 1996, a real DDoS attack--the Panix Attack--occurred, which affected commercial institutions' operations and caused huge losses.
Over the past year, the XOR DDoS botnet has grown and is now capable of being used to launch huge DDoS attacks," said Stuart Scholly, senior vice president and general manager of the security business unit, Akamai.
The author has organized the main body of her text in seven chapters devoted to DDoS attacks in historical context, DDoS as a direct action through blockade or blockage, as media manipulation, as a method of biographical impact, DDoS and anonymity, identity, and responsibility, DDoS tool development and design, and state and corporate responses to DDoS actions.