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DDOCDeployment and Distribution Operations Center
DDOCDesign Document Control
DDOCDecomposable Degradable Organic Carbon
DDOCDelivery Dependent Oxygen Consumption
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This option synchronizes operational-level joint logistics management through the establishment of a fusion center, integration of diverse strategic enablers (such as a DDOC and DLA cell), a robust plans cell and a distribution and commodity management capability.
When evaluating the impact of the DDOC in USCENTCOM's area of responsibility (AOR), we are primarily concerned with that portion of the supply chain that deals with the movement of personnel, equipment, and sustainment from stateside locations to final destination on the battlefield.
Another thing you are very proud of is the DDOCs, or Deployment Distribution Operation Centers.
The DDOC is a first-of-a-kind logistics-support cell made up of 63 representatives from TRANSCOM, DLA, the U.
USTRANSCOM wanted to send its transportation experts into theater to work the issues, and that is exactly what that first-generation DDOC was chartered to do.
DDOC has committed itself to a culture of providing high-quality health care services that address acute medical concerns and attempt to prevent the complications of disease.
Dwi wedi cael trafferth i dderbyn eu cefnogaeth i Ddoc Fictoria, dwi'n cael llawer mwy o drafferth yn deall y diffyg gwrthwynebiad i Sain Tathan.
Valid requests were forwarded to the USTRANSCOM DDOC for DoD priority, validation and modal determination.
Both the Transportation Command and the Defense Logistics Agency teamed to create the DDOC, which also includes representatives from the military services and Joint Forces Command.
Tenders are invited for provide nurse triage / doctor triage services for the north east doctor on-call service (nedoc) and dublin doctor on-call service (ddoc), as two separate lots as follows: lot 1: north east doctor on-call service (nedoc) lot 2: dublin doctor on-call service (ddoc) nedoc and ddoc operate as a partnership between the health service executive dublin north east and participating gp practices.