DDPCDevelopmental Disabilities Planning Council (New York State)
DDPCDorothea Dix Psychiatric Center (Deaprtment of Health and Human Services; Maine)
DDPCDigital Data Processing Center (NASA)
DDPCDefense Demilitarization Program Course
DDPCDCSLOG Data Processing Center (US Army)
DDPCDirection de la Défense et de la Protection Civile (French: Directorate of Defense and Civil Protection)
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Obviously, the existence of this low-frequency gap in the PPC is fundamentally different from the DDPC, which has no such low-frequency gap.
Clr Bolt attended a DDPC meeting earlier this month to talk about the parish plan and the authority's report, but was excluded when the items were discussed behind closed doors.
DDPC invited Clr Bolt to its January meeting, saying it would prefer to meet face to face than to conduct debates across the pages of the press.
But nowa stalemate has been reached after DDPC refused to agree to a lengthy list of pre-meeting conditions set out by Clr Bolt.
DDPC can still continue to grow in the large group segment; however, the small- and mid-size groups should achieve the largest percentage of growth in the near future.
DDPC is the dominant provider of dental benefits in California and one of the largest nationwide.
Standard & Poor's is concerned that DDPC's efforts to improve its cost structure may be harmed by additional concessions DDPC may undergo to settle the work stoppage," commented credit analyst Steven Ader.
He added that, "Alternatively, the inability of both parties to settle this matter in a timely fashion may result in the inability of DDPC to adequately service its business, resulting in a diminished business position.
The ratings on DDPC are based on a dominant market position in California, where it offers a full line of dental service products to more than 15 million members, geographic diversification, with more than 2.
Effective January 1, 2001, DDP and DDPC joined organizations under a new non-profit holding company, Dentagra Group, Inc.
DDPC is diversified geographically, with more than 1 million
Although competition from for-profit dental insurance carriers is expected to increase in California, DDPC is well positioned to maintain its leading market presence because of its focus on providing competitive products, particularly expanding its Delta Preferred Provider product, while remaining profitable.