DDPDDoha Document for Peace in Darfur
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Observers close to the file in Khartoum say the organization of the referendum illustrates once again the deep divisions among the Darfurians, adding that those who are against the process are not part of the DDPD signatories.
Furthermore fears about the non-implementation of the DDPD on the part of the Government of Sudan misguided.
The report noted that while insecurity continues, there has been a considerable decrease in military clashes between the Sudanese Government forces and the non-signatory movements since the signing of the DDPD.
Nahar who was speaking in the press conference with Niam, said the Sudanese presidency stands at an equal distance from all the DDPD parties, adding that the head of the national follow-up office for the DDPD implementation state minister Amin Hassan Omer is not neutral in his positions and tend to support al-Sissi.
The Minister for Health, Bahar Idris Ghardha, the Secretary General of the Justice and Liberation Movement, has on his part stressed that the DDPD has actually remedied the default that spurred people into carrying arms, calling for exerting more efforts to return those carrying arms to the home ranks.
Commissioner Piebalgs added: We call on the Sudanese government and all parties involved to sustain their efforts to improve the environment in which aid workers operate and fully implement the DDPD to enable a new momentum on development.
He also called on other armed movements to join the DDPD and to work
However, he stressed the government's willingness to reach a peace agreement "with those who want peace" and commit themselves to the DDPD, adding that the file of those who continue to refuse peace will be considered as "security file".
The two sides also reviewed the on going arranement told a meeting of the international commission for follow up of the DDPD implementation, set for January the 12th in Nyala, South Darfur state.
In accordance with the provisions of the DDPD, the Darfur Joint Assessment Mission was conducted in the latter part of 2012.
The DRA was established to serve as the major body for implementing the DDPD signed between the government of Sudan and the LJM in 2011.
Speaking at the Regular News Forum of Sudan News Agency (SUNA) Sunday about the DDPD assessment, Ahmed Al-Fadl said that the Document has addressed the root causes of the Sudanese problem, pointing out that the view of the Liberation and Justice Movement on the current political situation is based on the importance of reaching national consensus to confront this situation because one group could not resolve the problem alone.