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DDR SDRAMDouble Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (computer memory)
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512Mb DDR SDRAMs are used in a variety of applications including automotive telematics, medical imaging and analysis, switches and routers, set-top boxes, and modems.
Micron offers a broad range of DDR SDRAM products to meet the diverse needs of desktop, portable, networking and graphics applications.
Our customers will continue to be the real winners as they are getting incredible performance from this powerful DDR SDRAM memory technology.
However, with Intel now allowing big PC OEMs to offer three tiers of machine (SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, and RDRAM), consumers who prefer Pentium-equipped machines now have a middle-performance choice, not simply a decision between high-performance and low-cost.
As the newest addition to Samsung's DDR SDRAM portfolio, the 400Mbps (200MHz) DDR devices are ideal for use as PC system main memory, offering three times the performance of Single-Data-Rate PC 133 SDRAM and 50 percent more bandwidth than mainstream DDR266.
The new DDR SDRAM series utilizes industry standard memory chips and Dense-Pac's LP-Stack patented technique to deliver double the memory density with the same high performances without electrical or mechanical redesign.
The first deliveries of DDR SDRAM are being shipped to NVIDIA Corp.