DDRADoctoral Dissertation Research Abroad
DDRAData Direction Register A
DDRADorothy Dunnett Readers' Association
DDRADrug Demand Reduction Administrator
DDRADorridge and District Residents Association (Solihull, United Kingdom)
DDRADirt Drag Racing Association
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This year, both competitions invited applications from minority-serving institutions, community colleges, and, in the case of DDRA, other institutions that promote the participation of students from minority and less-advantaged backgrounds.
This software can be ordered from Tektronix as Option DDRA pre-installed on an MSO70000 Series oscilloscope.
Poland Underweight Stable DDRA Par, RSTA Par Russia Overweight Positive MinFin III, IV; Global 01 $Vnesh Venezuela Overweight Positive FLIRB US Treasury Overweight Stable Five-years, 2020 6.