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DDRAMDouble Data Random Access Memory
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FleXtreme design is comprised of glueless multi-core, multi-dye processing, integrated 128-bit DDRAM, and multi-DIMM channeling utilizing the AMD Opteron(TM) processor with Direct Connect to link open standards PCIe x16 and PCI-X (64-bit) expansion with extensive I/O and unrivaled networking flexibility.
1 controller -- IDE controller/interface -- AC97 Sound Card -- LPC and IR interfaces -- 128 MB DDRAM -- CompactFlash socket Advantech's Flex-ATX compatible development board (229 mm x 191 mm) features: -- Multiple I/O ports (USB, serial, parallel and PS/2) -- Enhanced IDE HDD interface -- 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface -- Multiple PCI expansion slots supporting 33 and 66 Mhz operation; -- ATX power supply -- In-circuit emulator with compatible JTAG interface to support software development and debug -- Support for ACPI power control interface -- Suspend to RAM and RTC
4 GHz server processor coupled with a 400MHz Front Side Bus, and DDRAM architecture.