DDRIDowntown Development of Regional Impact (Florida)
DDRIDoctoral Dissertation Research Improvement (US NSF)
DDRIDietrich Diabetes Research Institute (Cleveland, OH)
DDRIDeaf Dane Rescue Inc. (Springfield, OR)
DDRIDiversified Data Resources, Inc. (Novato, CA)
DDRIDistinguished Dobermans Rescue, Inc. (Pennsylvania)
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The company offers cutting-edge Known-Good-Die-Memory (KGDM) and Consumer Electronic DRAM (CEDRAM), including DDRI DRAM, DDRII DRAM, SDR DRAM, and Low-Power SDRAM.
DRAM: DDRI market is showing tight supply and the relative shortage of the DDRI could last into the summer months as most manufacturers have switched their production lines to DDRII.
The MSP8520 supports an extensive set of high-throughput peripherals, such as a 200 MHz 64-bit DDRI or DDRII SDRAM controller, two Gigabit Ethernet MACs, as well as dual PCI interfaces.