DDRRDisarmament Demobilization Rehabilitation and Reintegration
DDRRDemobilisation, Disarmament, Rehabilitation and Reintegration
DDRRDepartment of Development and Rural Renewal (Canada)
DDRRDirectional Discontinuity Ring Radiator
DDRRDynamic Deficit Round Robin
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Organised by Onside Partners, the DDRR is a sporting event for the UAE community.
DDRR consists of 10km race for adults and children who are 14 years of age and over, plus a 3km run which is both a Junior and Adult Race.
Also of note is the need to consider the noncombatants that engage indirectly in the war for DDRR from both sides.
A key outcome of the maximalist shift has offered more spaces for non-state actors and civil society organizations, including bi-lateral donor governments, non-government organizations (NGOs), civil society organizations and the private sector to engage in DDRR programmes (Porto et al, 2007).
In a DDRR processes emerged from a peace deal between the national government and insurgent organization in question, the challenges are further augmented by marginalization of the core objective of DDRR programme by transitional politics as well as politics of DDRR.
The European Commission, the governments of Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Iceland, and Sweden, and other donors committed over US$80 million to the DDRR program.
In sum, the DDRR program was able to absorb an unexpectedly high number of ex-combatants; it accommodated women and children in greater numbers than other programs had done before; and it convinced the majority of its beneficiaries to return to their communities.
DDRR works to bring the dialogue process to business, interfaith, professional and civic organizations.
Nearly 4,000 individuals have participated in DDRR.
It was also observed that the DDRR largely failed to meet a large number of women's and girls' needs compared to men's and boys'.
Failure to participate in the DDRR had significant consequences for former women combatants who were eligible by then for skills training or formal education reintegration packages.
The mission also lacked staff with DDR expertise, and the position of head of DDRR remained vacant after the mission's startup phase; see Peacekeeping Best Practices Unit, Lessons Learned Study on the Startup Phase of the United Nations Mission in Liberia, April 2004, available at www.