DDRTDifferential Display Reverse Transcription (molecular biology)
DdRTDoubled Rope Technique (tree climbing method)
DDRTDigital Dead Reckoning Tracer
DDRTDistrict Disaster Response Team (various locations)
DDRTDefense Distribution, Red River, Texas
DDRTDeceased-Donor Renal Transplant
DDRTDélégation Régionale à la Recherche et à la Technologie (French: Regional Delegation for Research and Technology)
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It is interesting to note that DDRT says that ClinWeb (see below) is a much more systematic MeSH-based index.
And for another DDRT member (who was admittedly skeptical at first about the usefulness of affinity groups), the respect for and interest in affinity groups that managers outside of NP demonstrated proved highly rewarding.
The purpose of the DDRT shall be twofold: to share information among members and to solve problems affecting members.