DDSADigital Distributed Systems Architecture
DDSADigital Data Service Adapter
DDSADigital Dictionaries of South Asia (University of Chicago database)
DDSADistributed Denial of Service Attack (internet; also seen as DDOS)
DDSADefense Dental Standard Application
DDSADefence Development Sharing Arrangement (Canada)
DDSADimension Data South Africa (est. 1983; specialist information technology services)
DDSADerived-Design Strategic Activities
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Schwab et al [9] developed an engine test to show the propensity of a fuel, containing sodium and DDSA to form IDID.
The IDID performance of GTL diesel, adulterated with 1 ) sodium and DDSA and 2) a low MWt PIBSI was compared with the performance of petroleum diesel fuels, containing higher levels of aromatics.
An example of a test rating is given in Appendix A for the Laboratory 1 EN590 + sodium + DDSA test.
No obstante la prohibicion, DDSA Pharmaceuticals LTD vendio a Pharmon (que se ubicaba en los Paises Bajos) el medicamento, y esta a su turno intento comercializar el producto en ese territorio; ante tal situacion, Hoechst entablo un juicio contra Pharmon en 1977, en Roterdam, en donde al final se le prohibio a esta ultima la comercializacion del medicamento.
En este caso se dio una mera explotacion de la licencia obligatoria concedida a DDSA Pharmaceuticals LTD sobre el medicamento en el Reino Unido, con violacion a restricciones que la misma licencia contemplaba y una posterior comercializacion por Pharmon del mismo producto Frusemide.