DDSNDepartment of Disabilities and Special Needs (South Carolina)
DDSNDemand Driven Supply Network
DDSNDigital Derived Services Network
DDSNDistributed Diagnostics and Service Network (Cisco)
DDSNDocument Date and Serial Number
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Making use of technology such as software applications and databases with business processes, DDSN needs a system architecture to scale without compromising flexibility.
The three strategic business domains of a DDSN are demand management, supply management, and product management (Figure 2).
In a DDSN, these groups collaborate to manage demand: Sales' forecast is a trusted input to operations whose capacity constraints are transparent; marketing collaborates with supply chain for promotions and new launches; sales and service rely on logistics for order status.
Within a DDSN framework, supply management has two levels of activity:
Far from hoping that R&D will come up with the next great product, DDSN requires that product portfolios control customer loyalty, reuse proven technologies, materials, and suppliers, and then lock out the competition.
Building a DDSN is a transformational journey, so a roadmap is essential.
S&OP, a cornerstone for Demand Drive Supply Network (DDSN) leader change management efforts, offers the greatest financial impact when it is implemented with other DDSN best practices to improve channel and supply network transparency," said Lora Cecere, Research Director, Supply Chain Planning & Execution, AMR Research.
AMR Research first identified the SNO evolution in an April 2004 report, "Next-Generation Manufacturing -- Integrating Manufacturing into DDSN.
Media representatives and industry analysts are invited to hear McGrory's presentation at this conference and learn how technology innovations such as the continuous in-line transaction analysis capability in Edge Dynamics' solutions can serve as key building blocks to enable DDSN for manufacturers and minimize variability in both the order stream and supply chain.
With strong financial backing and a talented management team in place, One Network has a great foundation to establish clear leadership in the high growth DDSN market.
According to an April 2006 research report by Robert Bois and Lora Cecere of AMR Research, "to actualize DDSN (Demand Driven Supply Network) strategies, companies must become more outward facing, identifying and understanding opportunities in the context of relationships.
On-demand supply chain management is becoming increasingly attractive as global manufacturers start to build DDSNs with a highly distributed blend of in-house and contract manufacturing.