DDSRDelta Data Set Ready
DDSRDebt and Debt Service Reduction (finance)
DDSRDownstate Delaware Striders and Riders (Dover, DE)
DDSRDeleted Data Space Release (computer storage)
DDSRDetailed Design Specification Review
DDSRDigital Document Scanning and Retrieval (UK)
DDSRDominique Defrain Signalisation Routière (French: Dominique Defrain Road Signs)
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At DDSR stocks can be packed by NSN, weapon system, or the DODAAC of the expected user of a push package.
Funds for these enhancements and other up-front costs related to these DDSR operations were provided to eligible countries from official sources (including the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund).
Tenders are invited for De-Silting, Cleaning and Reconstruction of damaged portion of side walls of AM drain from Colony to DDSR sea front including covering of the A.