DDVDroits de Vote (French: Voting Rights)
DDVDeutscher Derivate Verband (German: German Derivatives Association)
DDVDeutscher Dialogmarketing Verband eV (German: German Direct Marketing Association; formerly Deutscher Direktmarketing Verband)
DDVDialog Data Verification
DDVDirect Drive Valvetrain
DDVDrug Delivery Vehicle
DDVDroits de Vivre (French: Rights to Life)
DDVDroit d'Vélo (French: Right to Bike)
DDVDialog Data Validation
DDVDirect Drive Valve
DDVDerecho de Vía (Spanish: Right of Way)
DDVDownhole Deployment Valve (oil drilling)
DDVDigital Diffusion Vidéo (France)
DDVDisable Displacement Vessels
DDVDue Diligence Visit (US IRS)
DDVDeep Diving Vehicle
DDVDenys Dyachuk Victorovich (Studio)
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One idea was to operate short-takeoff/vertical-landing (STOVL) interceptor fighters from a mother ship, a DDV.
El analisis por edad de la prevalencia de los DC segun los primeros 3 tipos especificos (DTN, DDV y AC) mostro un aumento de las alteraciones cromosomicas con la edad y una prevalencia de 3 a 4 veces mas alta de DDV en las mujeres mas jovenes (<20 anos) y una prevalencia hasta 13 veces mas alta de alteraciones cromosomicas en las mujeres de mayor edad (>35 anos) (figura 2).
Results showed that 2/3 of the DDV group, 3/4 of the high risk group, and close to 4/5 of the minimal risk group scored at or above the 93rd percentile mark on the Lie scale as compared to normals.
T] and DDV is the discreteness variable first used in Dueker (2002).
Dividing your DDV into click able chapters could have the ultimate result of putting your viewer in charge, thus taking control of your selling story away from you.
These include Aethos Communications Systems, a UK-based supplier of pre-paid calling systems for mobile operators; DDV Group, a Netherlands-based telecommunications consultancy; and FCC Folprecht, a Czech systems integrator to the financial and industrial sectors.
El DDV es "la tercera generacion" de discos compactos.
Trade shows and the DDV member roster are two avenues to explore for service providers and/or partners.
Competitive Markets: The Durable Medical Equipment (DME) market is highly competitive, including a large number of competitors of similar or greater size that compete directly with DDV with similar products.
GESS 2009 is proud to announce the continued official support of the UAE Ministry of Education, the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) and UK Trade and Investment Support, World Didac and the DDV eCo The German Educational Supplies Association assisted by AUMA eCo the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry.
Strain-dependent dynamic properties were evaluated on a Rheovibron DDV III EP of Orientec, Japan, at room temperature.