DDYDevlet Demir Yollarý (Turkey)
DDYDon't Defeat Yourself
DDYDefining Diabetes in Youth (Wake Forest University)
DDYDecatur-Dekalb YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association; Decatur, GA)
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There is no assurance that the business combination of DDY with Coreworx will achieve the anticipated efficiencies and results or that DDY's and Coreworx' combination of products will be accepted by the marketplace.
Our shareholders, customers, partners and employees will all benefit as DDY combines with Coreworx and brings together our very complementary technology, experience, and skill sets.
REDDY DDY DD TO GO The huge crop of poinsettias at Pentland Plants.
Its reg is LT59 DDY and there'll be a pounds 5 reward if someone finds it.
It's registration is LT59 DDY and there will be a pounds 5 reward if someone finds it.
BIG DADDY DDY DD New father Novak Djokovic punches the air with delight after his win
Anon PA P DDY Ashdown was spot-on with his comments on the SNP.
WEDDY DDY DD AND WAI W TING Girls pose in bridal gear
READY DY D , Y, Y TEDDY DDY DD , Y, Y GO Coisty takes the challenge
The DDY contract is expected to generate $1 million in revenue for Decision Dynamics over the duration of the project.