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DEADrug Enforcement Administration (US Department of Justice)
DEADrug Enforcement Agency (various organizations; not to be confused with the US Drug Enforcement Administration)
DEADomestic Energy Assessor (UK)
DEAData Envelopment Analysis
DEADavid Evans and Associates, Inc (Portland, OR)
DEADependents' Educational Assistance Program
DEAData Encryption Algorithm
DEADraft Environmental Assessment
DEADigital Economy Act (UK)
DEADepartment of Economic Affairs (India)
DEADesignated Examining Authority (finance)
DEADivision of Extramural Activities
DEADevelopment Education Association (London, UK)
DEADrilling Engineering Association
DEADance Educators of America
DEADepartment of Elder Affairs
DEADissociative Electron Attachment
DEAData Exchange Agreement
DEADifferential Evolution Algorithm
DEADiakonie Emergency Aid
DEADisposable E-mail Address
DEADirect Electronic Access
DEADistinguished Educator Award
DEADavis Education Association
DEADetective's Endowment Association
DEAData Exchange Annex
DEADrink Every Afternoon
DEADominant Economic Activities (Master of Orion III; video game)
DEADetector Electronics Assembly
DEADistributed Evolutionary Algorithm
DEADifferential Educational Achievement (sociology)
DEADistributed Enforcement Architecture (Sonicwall)
deaaerospace drift error (US DoD)
DEADivision of Environmental Affairs
DEADell-Elmedlaoui Algorithm
DEADeus Ex Assassins (gaming clan)
DEADirect Eigenspace Assignment
DEADowntown Everett Association
DEADéfibrillateur Cardiaque Entièrement Automatique (French: Fully Automatic Cardiac Defibrillator)
DEADouble-Element Antenna
DEADesign and Environmental Analy
DEADouble-Electrode Applicator
DEADevelopment and Environment Association (Baladna Cultural Center)
DEADirectly Earthed Appliances
DEADirector Enterprise Architecture
DEADriver Evaluation Assembly
DEADirecteurs d'Etudes Associés (French: Associate Director of Studies)
DEADistinguished Engineering Alumni (various schools)
DEADiplôme d'Etudes Approfondies (French: Diploma of Advanced Studies; various locations)
DEADiploma de Estudios Avanzados (Spanish: Diploma of Advanced Studies)
DEADroit Économie Administration (French: Law Economics Administration)
DEADiplôme d'Etat d'Ambulancier (French ambulance driver certification)
DEADardilly Environnement et Avenir (French: Dardilly Environment and Future)
DEADiscovery Educator Abroad
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The DEA says that most such studies have been poorly designed, are fraught with subjective errors and represent little more than collections of anecdotal evidence.
DEA is metabolized by rat liver microsomes to p-hydroxy-diethylaniline (27).
However, the court concluded that the admission into evidence of the warrantless videotape of both the state officer and DEA agent violated the Fourth Amendment.
The announcement came after Bulgaria's Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov met with DEA Regional Director Mark Destito and Ambassador Warlick in Sofia.
This pending regulation and other recent communications from the DEA should help to demonstrate to the physician community that the agency is not interested in stopping physicians from writing valid and medically necessary prescriptions, Mr.
htm) to download or to view the awards evaluation criteria, checklists, and sample nomination packet; or contact the DEA Program Manager, Henry Johnson, Building 705, Room 221, Fort Eustis, Va.
A senior administration official at the National Security Council dismissed that charge, but when asked why the administration had failed to publicize DEA allegations of drug trafficking, the spokesman had no comment.
BeneCard PBF is proud to be able to offer and assist the DEA in cost containment programs that educate the members, keep them healthy and manage costs," says Executive Vice President and General Manager, Michael Perry.
Wang's generous support since 2008, the DEA Museum has been able to launch new exhibits and programs that further the Foundation's cause and message to the country.
Since its launch in early 2012, the DEA Youth Dance Program has enrolled 725 elementary and middle school kids from 25 schools across the country, with approximately 16,000 kids having viewed the performances and assemblies.
com/8301-31727_162-57438640-10391695/dea-agents-under-investigation-for-hiring-prostitutes/) CBS News that the allegations were brought against the DEA by a Secret Service agent questioned by investigators.
The DEA Acting Administrator further gave high marks to joint operations with the Bulgarian Unit for Combating Organized Crime (GDBOP) and extended personal thanks to its Head, Stanimir Florov.