DEAADurham Elementary Athletic Association (Canada)
DEAADepartamento de Estudos Anglo-Americanos (Portuguese: Department of Anglo-American Studies; University of Porto; Portugal)
DEAADiploma of the European Academy of Anaesthesiology
DEAADoD (Department of Defense) Enterprise Architecture Achievement Award (US DoD)
DEAADrug Export Amendments Act of 1986
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The Industry Organization DEAA Award was given to Northrop Grumman Corp.
The DEAA awards recognize significant contributions and achievements in advancing enterprise architecture as an enabler of information advantage for the Defense Department.
The DEAA awards align with the strategic goals of the Deputy CIO--leading the Defense Department enterprise to achieve an information advantage for its personnel and partners.
The Industry Individual DEAA Award was given to Lawrence P.
Joint Forces Command, J89, for its Joint Command and Control Architecture Capability Assessment Enterprise, won the Government Organization DEAA Award.
The Industry Individual DEAA Award was presented to Charles Robinson, Science Applications International for architecture support to the Joint Staff, J6I.