DEACDeemed Export Advisory Committee (US DOC)
DEACDiethylaluminum Chloride
DEACDealers Election Action Committee
DEACDiesel Engine Antifreeze Coolant
DEACData Exchange Auxiliary Console
DEACDefense Economic Analysis Council
DEACDetroit Erotic Arts Collaborative
DEACDancExplosion Arts Center (Pittsburgh, PA)
DEACDorset Energy Advice Centre (est. 1998; UK)
DEACDépartement d'Enseignement de l'Arabe Contemporain (French: Department of Education of the Contemporary Arab)
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For businesses that cannot afford any unplanned downtime, DEAC provides server clustering across several data centers at different locations across Europe, protecting the workload with geographical clustering as well.
DEAC customers can choose virtual desktop environments closer to their businesses in DEAC data centers across Europe - London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Riga or Moscow.
What can DEAC offer for European or Asian companies?
Despite the global economic downturn, DEAC achieved continued growth of customers from Russia and Europe during the last year.
Yes, DEAC has now become a data center operator, as "Riga" is our second data center.
CAMESA is formed by a shareholder group consisting of DEAC, several individuals/employees led by the families Hubard and Cantu and member clients.
The DEAC has been formed following an independent review on MHRA access to clinical advice and engagement with the clinical community.
Both CAMESA and DEAC are part of the CAME Program whose activities started in 1985 to help the victims of the earthquake.
Contract Awarded for Supply of Crome Palted Spanner DEAC 8X10