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The distributions of the composite DMAP and DEAP concentrations in the NHANES samples analyzed are presented in Table 4.
The Constant Returns to Scale Input-Oriented Multi Input-Multi Output DEA model is used in the study by using DEAP Version 2.
All mothers had detectable levels of at least one DMAP metabolite, and at least one DEAP metabolite was detected in 92.
CALIFORNIA duo DEAP VALLY are bringing their dirty blues sound to a Teesside club night this weekend.
Either strips or, to increase the active area of the sensor rolled-up strips of DEAP material are placed on moving joints on the limb, mimicking functions of the chordotonal organ and muscle, strand and stretch receptors (1 on the right in Fig 2).
The PCCAs were synthesized by free radical solution polymerization using DEAP as a photoinitiator.
The DEAP program used for these data was set to use variable return to scale (VRS) instead of constant return to scale (CRS).
The development and implementation of the Application DEAP (Management Ecclesiastical Property) and
11 MON DEAP VALLY Liquid Room They met at a needlework class, bonded over their love of the blues.
4th LSB successfully drew 20 pieces of equipment from the DEAP, located in Camp Pendleton, CA and coordinated the shipment of this equipment to 29 Palms, CA.
In order to estimate technical efficiency and technology gap ratios using data envelopment analysis, we utilize the DEAP computer program developed by Coelli (1998).
Panish, principal at Newton-based DEAP Energy Group.