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DEBDon't Even Bother
DEBDasar Ekonomi Baru (New Economy Policy Malaysia)
DEBDéclaration d'Echange de Biens (French: Exchange of Goods Declaration)
DEBDebrecen, Hungary (Airport Code)
DEBDeutscher Eishockey Bund (German Ice Hockey Federation)
DEBDietary Electrolyte Balance (nutrition)
DEBDigital European Backbone
DEBData Extent Block (IBM mainframes)
DEBDetector Electronics Box
DEBDiethyl Benzene
DEBData Evaluation Board
DEBDouble Ended Break
DEBDeterministic Effective Bandwidth
DEBDepartment of Economics and Business (various schools)
DEBDepartment of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (various locations)
DEBDPO (Distribution Process Owner) Executive Board (US DoD)
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Deb works extra shifts to pay for a massive headstone.
Deb distributes its products among the industrial, medical and commercial sectors, and has operations around the world.
Similarly, over half of physicians who currently do not use DEBs expect to adopt them for peripheral vascular treatment in the next year.
Develop business strategies by understanding the trends shaping and driving the DEB market in the EU.
Because of patient privacy laws, Deb is usually restricted from attending the sessions.
Deb told the court he just took two classes and had to be strict because the pupils tended to treat the lessons as a bit of free time.
Deb Group is the world's leading away from home system company with dedicated programs for all occupational sectors.
In her case Deb put his hand on top of her bra strap and then moved it so it was close to her breasts, he claimed.
LP Innovations is excited to partner with Deb Shops," said Rubin Press, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, LP Innovations.
Deb knows that unlocking the power of big data and advanced analytics requires leadership to reshape and engage an enterprise-it's not a technical challenge.
rather it was Deb herself, shod in walking boots and shouldering slightly more than the milk Tray man's indestructible briefcase, who embarked on a 30-minute hike to the top of rothley Crags on the rothbury to Scots Gap road.