DECAPDecoupling Capacitor
DECAPDependent Care Assistance Program (New York City)
DECAPDirectors Equity Capital Accumulation Plan
DECAPDepartmento de Coordinación y Asesoria de Proyectos (Spanish: Department of Project Coordinating and Advisory)
DECAPDecontamination Capabilities, Chemical Units, and Teams
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The impedance experiences a minimum and then begins to increase with frequency above this point, corresponding to the higher frequency inductive input impedance of the planes and the loop inductance of the planes in series with local decaps vias.
A total of seven different decaps are initially selected from a library of 24 unique components.
The total manufacturing cost of the decaps for this PCB is estimated at $1.
The entire library of 24 unique decaps is available for placement at any of the 175 locations specified in the initial design.
It is rare this many decaps are required and, as demonstrated in the previous example, using a larger-valued decap leads to a lumped resonance frequency that is potentially too low.
The six decaps added are retained because the PDN impedance is lower with them present.