DECCODefense Commercial Communications Office
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DECCO Ltd is a privately owned construction management and services company.
The working partnership between DECCO and SpecTran was key to helping us create a world-class installation," he added.
The project required workers from DECCO who were specially trained to work in high purity environments and highly confined work spaces.
The existing building was razed, and once the shell of the new building was in place, DECCO installed two new boilers.
DECCO was responsible for impeccable sequencing of heat delivery to campus buildings as old lines were removed and new lines installed on the grounds.
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DECCO is the acquisition arm of the Defense Information Systems Agency.
Once DECCO and FAA formally 'debrief' the bidders, we will get more information about why this award was made.
Under the DECCO contract, we are providing the entire satellite communications terminal, which validates our capability as a full turnkey systems supplier to the telecommunications industry.