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DECDDepartment of Economic and Community Development (State of Connecticut and Maine)
DECDDepartment for Education and Child Development (Australia)
DECDDigital Expandable Color Display
DECDDivision of Early Childhood Development (various states)
DECDDisseminated Eosinophilic Collagen Disease
DECDDynamic Exercise Countermeasure Device (National Space Biomedical Research Institute)
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OECD (1995), The DECD Job Study: Implementing the Strategy, Paris.
The DECD keeps statistics on the housing stocks in each of Connecticut's 169 towns, including the number of affordable deed-restricted units that exist in each community.
The First Five Plus Program continues to be an invaluable tool for supporting large-scale expansions of key state employers, DECD Commissioner Catherine Smith said.
Preschool teachers usually work in teams, with one or more assistants, under the jurisdiction of DECD.
Source: The table is reproduced from DECD 2008f, based on Wossmann et al.
The $26 million St Clair redevelopment is funded by the City of Charles Sturt, Tennis Australia and the State Government through the Office for Recreation and Sport, and DECD, with the State Government committed $11.
Anne Pillman is Manager Curriculum and Pedagogy for DECD in South Australia.
The key question formulated by DECD staff to focus the consultations was 'What is important to children in their communities and what do children wish for in their lives?
Peter and Anthony Malkin, chairman and president, respectively, of Malkin Properties; HUD and DECD officials, financing partners, community leaders and residents.
Throughout this process, people came out of the woodwork to provide creative ideas, sign letters of support, and roll up their sleeves to help out, DECD Commissioner Catherine Smith said.