DECDCDowntown East Community Development Collective (Toronto, Canada)
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Khalid Al Kamdah, director-general of CDA, said the gathering was aimed at enhancing communication and cooperation between CDA and DECDC officials and parents with the objective of evaluating and discussing the progress made by children.
They attended a presentation by Dr Al Mulla detailing the mandate of DECDC, its focus on strengthening training programmes for community service providers; and the services offered by the centre.
FIT also invited DECDC to attend the Annual Disability Conference to be held in Florida.
DECDC will present a paper on the center at the conference and will explore opportunities for joint ventures with FIT.
Specialists within and outside DECDC attended the training and expressed appreciation for the programme and the learning opportunities it provided.
DECDC is a unique early intervention programme, which provides comprehensive, family-focused trans-disciplinary assessment and intervention services to children with special needs or at risk of development delays.
The services offered by DECDC include initial assessment, which is done through a meeting with the parents and the child and while taking into consideration the family's concerns, priorities and resources.
Services are provided in the child's natural environment -- at home or at school -- as well as DECDC premises.
Sheikh Maktoum Bin Butti Al Maktoum, CEO, Social Care, CDA said:" The strategic co-operation between DECDC and Child Early Intervention Medical Centre, Emirates Medical Association, Zayed University and Dubai Healthcare City, confirms the commitment to building a coherent and solid society.
DECDC came about after a long and extensive benchmarking exercise of best practice early intervention programs across the world in addition to literature review and research activities in the field of early intervention and special needs.
Sheikh Maktoum Butti Al Maktoum, CEO -- Social Care, said: "The DECDC enhances the directions of CDA towards the social integration of children with disabilities in the community, so that all can enjoy security and social welfare through a comprehensive social protection system.
Although invitation to the event was open only to 25 families who have been associated with DECDC during its pilot phase, the centre plans to accommodate over 150 children in the future.