DECMDefensive Electronic Countermeasures
DECMDecision Maker
DECMDigital Equipment Communication Maintenance (UK)
DECMDiabetes Education Center of the Midlands (est. 1984)
DECMDesign for Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing
DECMDistrict Executive Council Meeting (Toastmasters)
DECMDeception/Deceptive Electronic Countermeasures
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In the spirit of Steigerwald [1996], the following DECM is used to examine the validity of PPP in the long-run:
The DECM was adopted because it relaxes the restrictions implicit in the traditional unit root procedures and treats both the nominal exchange rate and the price ratio as endogenous variables.
The DECM was designed with only enough sensitivity to respond to radars within fire-control range and used low-gain antennas optimized for defensive coverage around the aircraft.
He checked his DECM and found he had forgotten to activate TRANSMIT.
The tape showed the anti-aircraft-artillery (AAA) fire was the result of the aircraft DECM not responding to the FIRECAN-equipped AAA.
Air Force aircraft did not carry DECM, so activation of the scanner would discriminate DECM aircraft from non-DECM aircraft.
When the conical scanner was activated, the radar's behavior told the AAA-radar crews that the target aircraft was carrying and using DECM.
The use of Sidesaddle was discontinued once the pulse-density issue had been settled and before dissemination of the discovery that North Vietnamese AAA doctrine discriminated between DECM and non-DECM aircraft.