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For example, a cytotechnologist in our lab is a DECON team member and helped develop our institution's mass-fatalities plan; she now knows an enormous amount about mass-fatalities planning in a hospital, which was learned by the interdisciplinary process of developing an actual plan.
As shown in Table 1, the mean number of CFU/mL recovered from the control squares for all test runs on the NATO litter was slightly lower than the number recovered from the DECON litter.
aureus on the DECON litter and 10% bleach and SPOROX were effective against A.
This study evaluated the effect of five disinfectants on selected bacteria inoculated on military NATO and DECON litters.
The NATO litter is made of a tightly woven cotton duck material and the DECON litter is a loosely woven plastic and nylon mesh.
They are immediately put through the DECON showers and stripped of their clothing to prevent secondary contamination.
Representatives from Burgess observe the drill from several locations, including the command center, DECON and triage, and afterwards participate in the writing of an after-action report.
Through our HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) grants, we received a fair amount of supplies to treat our patients for burns, DECON, nerve gas, or different chemical agents," says Bugyis.
SMHCS first set up their DECON under tents, however, they found that though the showers could be operational in three to four minutes, it could take up to 20 minutes to assemble the tents.
That's how the DECON went from taking 45 minutes to set up to just four minutes.
This year, SMHCS purchased portable cameras for use in DECON to improve communications.
His focus with DECON will be to expand the client base; enlarge the geographic footprint to include domestic and international opportunities; and to broaden the services available to clients.