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DECUSDigital Equipment Computer Users Society (Hewlett-Packard)
DECUSDigital Equipment Corporation Users Society
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Global Reach" Online Advocacy Program equally represent both ITUG and DECUS, and come from Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
It feels OK, but the cross is missing between DECUS and TUTAMEN.
outlines its enterprise computing strategy in the keynote address at DECUS 98 (Digital Equipment Computer Users Society), Internet users will be able to watch it over the web, courtesy of TSCentral.
Artzt during his keynote address at DECUS '98 in Los Angeles.
For further information on Biscom or FAXCOM products, visit Booth #1133 at DECUS St.
The 5,000 visitors attending DECUS '98, host to the largest OpenVMS user group in the world, may complete the survey by visiting the MERIT Booth at the Los Angeles Convention Center, October 5-8.
The Windows/NT prototype of FireWall/Plus was demonstrated at DECUS '95/San Francisco, the Digital Equipment Computer Users Society trade show and symposium at San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center.
Wyle, which has a significant Compaq user following and has participated in several DECUS Conferences, will present the merits of Nucleus to those IT and business users of Compaq hardware who have either implemented a data mart solution or are preparing to do so.
WHO: DECUS (Digital Equipment Computer Users Society), US Chapter WHAT: The DECUS Conference has always fostered an environment of peer-to-peer networking, providing users with an opportunity to share and learn in-depth technical information.
0 with the introduction here at DECUS of Oracle Rdb7 -- a 64-bit VLM implementation that brings OpenVMS users order-of-magnitude performance increases already demonstrated on Digital UNIX with Oracle7.
Bests 100 DECUS Exhibitors With Premier ADO/OLE DB Data Access Software
He was also an active participant in DECUS (Digital Equipment Corporation's User Society) since 1984, working closely with customers to develop VAX and Alpha-based servers.