DEEEDepartment of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (various locations)
DEEEDéchets d'Equipements Électriques et Électroniques (French: Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste)
DEEEDepartment of Earth and Environmental Engineering (Columbia University; New York, NY)
DEEEDiesel Engine Exhaust Emissions
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KYU DEEE has formed strong linkages with some companies.
Internet access for DEEE faculty is very limited at best.
Intellectual property rights must be kept in mind, including an appropriate reward to the student, DEEE, and the company that successfully launches the product.
13) DEEE faculty members submit manuscripts to the Journal of Engineering Innovations and Research, an on-campus journal published by the Faculty of Engineering.
14) Invite the US Embassy staff in Kampala to work with DEEE to organize a seminar social with refreshments.
Many of the seven products were conceived by students at Kyambogo University under the supervision of DEEE faculty.
A Kyambogo University DEEE faculty member or student would be a good source to work with Logel on writing the articles to submit for consideration.
As the DEEE program offerings grow and strengthen, so can the graduates become even more productive members of the Ugandan society.