DEFFData Exchange File Format
DEFFDragon Excellent Furniture Fair (China)
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Combining this information with the DEFF, it can be shown that under standard assumptions, the minimum sample size for nonresponse weights to improve the MSE of single-population estimates for the median of the 20 rating and report items is between 330 and 400.
The maximum inflation to MSE-based standard errors at sample sizes below the break-even thresholds discussed above is determined by the DEFF, and never exceeds 9 percent.
DEFFs for these nonresponse weights were calculated in order to assess the variance inflation from the use of nonresponse weights.
The DEFFs from the nonresponse weights were modest, never exceeding 1.
The DEFF '08 is designed to provide a platform for senior executives to share knowledge, strategy and experience in order to discuss the commercial issues surrounding the timely roll-out and sustainable business of the U.
For more information and to register for the DEFF '08, go to www.
20m, associacoes entre DEFF e TDF com aPG foram negativas (Tabela 1).
O incremento dos subperiodos DEFF, DIFM e do DEM apresentaram correlacao negativa com o TO no espacamento de 0.
40m mostraram maior contribuicao dos DEIF e DEFF (Tabela 2).
Por outro lado, houve reducao da contribuicao relativa sobre o carater DEFF e o direcionamento no incremento no TDF, na condicao de maior espacamento 0.